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Curran, D. (1997). Dolores Curran on Family Prayer. New London, CT: Twenty-Third Publications.  This resource contains everything that today’s Catholic family needs to build a rich and satisfying prayer life, focusing on prayers of the Catholic Church, spontaneous prayer, home activities and more.

Haswhaurst, J. C. (1998). The interfaith family guidebook: Practical advice for Jewish and Christian partner. Kalamazoo, MI: Dovetail Publishing, Presents issues that an interfaith couple may face. Provides examples of how families resolved their problems.

Thomas, D. M. (2007). A community of love: Spirituality of family life. Chicago: ACTA Publications.God’ s presence can be found in the ordinary, everyday life of a family. There are four things that may make it difficult to see God’s presence in our family: stress, fear, anxiety, and clouded vision. anxiety, stress, clouded vision and fear Thomas stresses the importance of forgiveness.

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